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The TMU Moot

Join us at Toronto Metropolitan University’s inaugural moot court competition, the “TMU Moot,” where legal brilliance meets intense advocacy. For the first time, TMU will host this thrilling two-day event. On the initial day, we will bring aspiring lawyers together to showcase their skills in a round-robin system. Competitors will engage in four captivating moots against various teams, vying for the top four spots that will secure their passage to the knockout stage on day two. Witness the drama unfold as the finalists battle it out, presenting their most compelling arguments to claim the coveted title. With esteemed lawyers, law students, and professors as judges, this competition will be a true test of legal understanding. The winning team will be rewarded with both a certificate and a special prize. Be a part of this historic occasion by marking your calendars and joining us for the TMU Moot – a celebration of advocacy, knowledge, and determination.

How to Moot

The “How to Moot” workshop is an enriching event for students interested in oral advocacy and mooting to learn how to speak better in front of people. The workshop will be run by professors,  lawyers, and accomplished law school students. In this transformative workshop, participants will learn effective strategies to present compelling arguments, be clear and concise, maintain composure while speaking in front of others, and find opportunities to work on their oral advocacy skills.

TMU Moot X Lincoln Law Moot Court

Join us for an extraordinary event as we partner with the prestigious Lincoln Alexander School of Law to provide an exclusive opportunity for undergraduate students from TMU. In this event, students will see what a law school moot is like in person. They will know how a case is presented and argued in law school before a judge. Furthermore, TMU students can engage with law students from Lincoln Alexander School of Law, enabling them to gain invaluable insights into the art of mooting in a law school environment.

Harvard Law School Moot Court Watch Along

Join us for an exhilarating experience at Harvard Law’s annual moot watch! As part of this event, we’ve arranged to book a spacious classroom where you can witness the captivating moot live. But that’s not all; exciting games, food, and refreshing drinks are lined up to add more fun to the day. This watch alone isn’t just about observing legal brilliance; it’s an excellent chance for students to connect with potential mooting partners and get acquainted with the TMU Moot Society. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to watch the finest legal minds in action. See you there!

Frosh Week Recap

The Moot Society had its long-awaited introduction to TMU students during our Frosh Week tabling event. We teamed up with various campus vendors to spread the Moot spirit across our university grounds with thrilling promotional giveaways. To satisfy both hearts and taste buds, we hosted a Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser, which received an enthusiastic response from everyone who joined us.

This gathering marked a special occasion as we celebrated the launch of TMU’s inaugural Moot Society. Our dedicated members had the pleasure of connecting with fellow students, offering valuable insights into the fascinating realm of Moot, and elaborating on the countless benefits and the importance of learning advocacy.

TMU Moot